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Find colors

that look good

& live well.

The colors you choose for your home or office reflect your sense of style and the things you love.

Have you been inspired by photos of beautiful rooms online or in catalogs? Tried to recreate a look in your own home, but sample after sample never looked right?


That’s where I come in. As your color expert, I’ll help you narrow down the dizzying array of color choices. Together we’ll find the perfect match for your space.


– Barbi Williams, Livable Color

Updating your home or office?

When you’re changing flooring, furniture, kitchen cabinets or counters, you’ll want updated color to bring out the best in your new features.


Whether it’s soft neutrals, crisp whites, gorgeous mid-tones or bold accents, the right wall color brings everything together. Older furnishings get a new lease on life and rooms that never quite looked right are finally the way you envisioned. Your livable color is waiting!

Moving into a new space?

We’ll coordinate your new finishes by choosing the right colors for your walls. Different types of cabinets, granite and flooring all have their own subtle variations.

With a coordinated palette, your space will feel comfortable, flowing and livable from the beginning.

The Consultation Process

We’ll start with a phone call, where you’ll describe your space and the changes you want to make, then set up an in-person appointment. For an online consultation, you’ll send photos.


Next, we’ll look at the space together, starting with what we call your “fixed elements” – the things that aren’t changing such as flooring, tile, counters and furnishings – and plan your palette from there.


Using these fixed elements along with lighting and inspiration pieces such as art, pillows or rugs, we’ll determine which colors will work best with to arrive at a harmonious, cohesive color palette.  I will have large color samples so you can clearly see how different colors will look. You’ll see what works and why!


For multi-room consultations, you will receive a Livable Color Palette a few days after our session.  This will include the color and sheen specified for each area, and will be your guide as you decorate. Imagine how easy it will be to use your palette to shop for anything from pillows to tile!

You’ll receive a Livable Color Palette with specific colors and sheens.  This palette will be your guide as you continue to create your dream spaces!


  • In-Home: Interior, Per Room (Residential)

    Up to 3 rooms

    $50 / room
  • In-Home: Complete Interior (Residential)

    Depending on size

    $250 - $350
  • Online: Interior, Per Room (Residential)

    $35 / room
  • In-Home: Complete Exterior (Residential)

  • Online: Complete Exterior (Residential)


For estimates on commercial spaces, please contact me using the form below. I also am available to consult on additional decorating and staging at $50/hour.

Not only does a color consultation help you create beautiful spaces, this service saves you trips to the paint store and money spent on color samples—not to mention the hassle and expense if you need to repaint an entire room!

Ready to see your space in a whole new way?


Submit the form below to begin the process, or call 916.805.5130.




Livable Color will never share your information with a third party.

About Barbi

I’m a color specialist & design consultant.

I’ve spent most of my life in the West, and I’m constantly inspired by the color and light of my environment. I’m a Certified Architectural Color Consultant and True Color Expert, and worked as a Color Consultant and Designer for Sherwin Williams.

In addition to color consulting and design, I’ve worked as an artist in glass, textiles, and acrylic and pastel painting.

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